Britney spears pussy – the Oct 11 2007 pics, finally a good one!

I hadn’t even heard rumors of this pussy shot taken with Britney on Oct 11. Could it be that people are just tired of talking about Britney’s pussy. Low and behold these pussy shots taken on October 11th may be the best photos of Britney’s bare crotch yet. Maybe it’s because they were shot in the day time, I’ve always known that good lighting is needed for good pussy pictures, which is why I am hoping that Britney will one day be photographed by Playboy photographers.

It’s nice to see the separation of her lips in a good light finally! Maybe she has gotten enough practice to know how she needs to exit a vehicle to show off that pretty pussy finally. It’s funny that she has gotten more pole dance practice than paparazzi pussy flash practice. Shouldn’t this be required for celebrities at this point?

Today’s celebrity pussy flash is kind of like the showing of legs back in the day it seems. It’s expected and enjoyed, and not really a big deal, certainly no surprise, and easily blamed on the over zealous paparazzi, but I know that it is the consuming public that is really the culprit in demanding more sexual glimpses into celebrity lives. It seems to me that if you don’t show more and more than you just can’t be that popular. Funny and sad at the same time really. Perhaps America will get it’s fill of pussy, tits and ass, and if everyone just shows it all, then people will start to look for more in a celebrity to set them apart, like brains, values and accomplishments. Time will tell.

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Britney pussy pics after the VMA 2007 – new bare crotch shot

I’m a little late posting about this, certainly most people have heard that photographers caught Britney with her panties missing once again, after this years VMA awards. The funny thing to me about this is that more news and talk was circulating about her sub par performance, and more people seemed to be concerned about her choice of clothing during the show as opposed to being surprised about her missing panties after the show.

Of course it was bigger news to me that we get another glimpse of Britney Spears pussy, and hopefully a better picture than the first real pussy shots of Britney to circulate around the internet.  I’m sure Britney was also disappointed that her first pussy pics were not better shots, so this seemed like a good opportunity to give a better angle to photographers. Unfortunately her legs were not spread enough to get a good look, you can see the two pictures of her panty-less crotch after the 2007 video music awards at this website. We can all hope that we’ll get some better nude photos of Britney in the future.

Of course there is still much hope, anticipations and rumors of a Britney Spears sex tape or two (maybe more) being in existence. We’re hoping a release will be forthcoming! We also hope that Hustler or Playboy will get to photograph Britney nude and actually get the lighting and camera angles right to show Britney’s pussy in a light that actually looks really good and sexy, the in and out of car shots just don’t do her justice.

If the video producer for her last single were able to make her look like a sexy stripper, certainly the professionals at Playboy can get some shots that are centerfold worthy with the right lighting and makeup.

In light of the VMA award show getting bad reviews, with many people saying that Britney tried to dress too skimpy for her now MILF body shape, that made her look bad instead of good, it’s time to come out with something that adds to her sexiness, and a playboy style photo shoot or hardcore sex tape just may do that. It’s not like there is much a difference in my mind from her latest video showing her being uber sexual with strippers and a nude pictorial hitting the shelves.

For the most part the prudes and the parents that are paying attention to what kids are watching on MTV and VH1 aren’t really supporting Britney and her video producers choices, so what difference would it really make? It may bring some of the adult fans back to her.

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how long before a playboy pictorial with Britney?

How long do you think it will be before we get a nice, well lit playboy pictorial of Britney showing off her pussy? I’m thinking it will happen within 2 years of her next album release. I’m hoping anyways. It would be nice to have a well done photo shoot showing off how beautiful she really is, as nature intended.

The paparazzi pics that surfaced some time ago are some of the worst shots of celebrity snatch I’ve ever seen. We all know she is much hotter than that, and I can’t wait for her to show the world.

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Paris Hilton Defends Britney’s Pantyless Partying

Reuters ran a story today about Paris defending Britney’s partying, I must agree with Paris here, I mean, what would any women want to do other than be with some friends and go out and kick it a little bit… If I could afford the babysitters, nannies, housecleaners and everything that Britney can, I would probably take a couple months off to party, take time, find peace, and find myself… I also agree with Paris that all the people who are ripping her for going out, and some are insinuating that she is not being a good mom, need to get a life. There is no need to say all these things about Britney, I bet she is doing a better job with her kids than 99% of America.

I have so far been unsuccessful in finding Paris’ real myspace page. There is this one that claims to be her official page, but it looks to me like to it is owned by the record company, and the record companies probably have some shit in thier contract that says they can own your image or name on myspace if they give you a record deal. If you know which myspace profile really is Paris’ let me know in the comments..

Snips from the story via Reuters today:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Socialite Paris Hilton has come to the defense of the “partying ethics” of her new best friend, Britney Spears, whose all-night clubbing has led to criticism that she is neglecting her two young sons.

Spears, 25, has hit the town — sometimes leaving her underwear at home — since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline last month, a few weeks after giving birth to the couple’s second son.

In an entry on her page on the popular social networking Web site MySpace on Tuesday, hotel heiress Hilton called the attacks on Spears cruel and shameful.

“For people to call out her parenting skills on behalf of her partying ethics is appalling,” Hilton wrote.

The story goes on to say that Paris has her own stripper pole in her home, and Britney has been playing on it.. Could there be a Britney joins the pussycat dolls for some burlesque action one day?! Britney the topless Feature entertainer? I bet that would make more money than her next album will net her.

More from the story via Retuers:

Britney loves her kids to death, and I know for a fact that it truly hurts her when she sees these cruel things being written about her. She goes home every night to her babies and partying has not come in the way of her parenting,” Hilton added.

Spears, who put her recording career and social life on hold for marriage and motherhood, said on her own Web site last week that she “probably did take my newfound freedom a little too far,” but said she had not been out with friends for a long time.

Spears has been photographed with Hilton wearing plunging dresses and tight miniskirts on all-nighters at clubs in Las Vegas and Hollywood, shocking some of her younger fans and making her the butt of jokes. On at least three occasions, photographs of her getting out of cars revealed she was wearing no panties.

Us Weekly reported that Hilton has introduced Spears to pole dancing on her in-house stripper pole.

Now the idea of Britney and Paris getting naked and playing with a stripper pole is quite hot. I know, they probably did it all with thier clothes on, but thinking of getting a sexier glimpse of Britney’s pussy, with Paris lending a hand.. that is a nice fantasy.

In fake Britney spears pussy news, Hustler is apparently working on a Britney Rears volume 4, which will have Hillary Scott signing on to be a look-a-like for Britney.

**Update (Dec 19th – ’06) – I had a wierd feeling about this news story and the source of the info that was being published, and now it has come out that Paris is saying that she did not post to myspace the defending words that everyone has been reporting – Sky news say Paris was impersonated, and  the post chronicle ran a similar story saying Paris denied the Myspace support for Britney Spears.

In looing for news sources for this update I came across one place saying that Paris Hilton is getting married and wanting to have Britney as a Maid of Honor. Then I came across an article taling about pictures of Paris in a Limo with her sister – both in lingerie. So I had to look and see if they were really sexy sister pics, if there were any pussy pics or nip slips, and what the whole thing was really about. I found a few of these photos and it looks like they were just partying in a limo.

It seems to me that these are a just a few select snapshots, and the one article I found suggests they may be photoshopped and not even real anyways. To me it just looks like  a night out on the town, and the lingerie is just regular clothes. When I read the headline I had in my mind that the two got all sexied up in some skimpy lingerie to mae some freay pictures together, but if you see the pics you will see that it is nothing like that.

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Britney Sex Tape in the news

Well there has certainly been no lack of coverage about the Britney Spears sex tape! I think the best new page coving info about the unkown sex tape I have found is a CBS news page.

But there have been other news stories and rumors about a Britney Spears sex tape apparently all the way back in October 2005.. It seems that even the rumor of a sex tape Britney is big news, and a way for many news outlets and entertainment shows to ganrer some extra viewers. CNN had a big story on the official Kev denial of the sex tape on Nov 22.

Perez Hilton posted about the story of Britney losing her case for defamation about therumor of a sex tape. Perez later had a huge discussion with reader’s comments about the Britney pssuy pics that ended up plastered all over the net after a few nights in Vegas with Paris Hilton.

There are even stories in the news talking about offers for the sex tape that appear to be in the $100 million range. Wow.. I would hold off on making hte next album which may or may not sell well, and take the garunteed 100 million, buy my own record company, a few radio stations and then release more music.. That’s just my thinking though!

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The Britney Spears Sex Tape

So I then find a few article infering that there is a Britney Spears sex tape about to be released! Well, if this is true, and it is a good video with some zooms and close ups.. then this will definitely be the mecca of Britney Spears pussy shots.. a hot steamy sex video with Britney and what’s his name.. who cares.. just let us see Britney getting it on, and give us some close up pussy shots show millions can imagine what it would be like to be there.. or in there for that matter!

I find a digg article that info that suggests that Britney may just give away her sex tape.. now this makes sense.. If she gives it away then Kevin can’t sell it and earn 30 million off of her pussy and ass.. The tape will certainly be popular – perhaps make her the most downloaded sex video on the internet for a long time.. and it should easily get her sexy back, the sexual image that had made her so popular.. a very good idea… then a few days later Kevin’s lawyer announces there is no sex tape. Maybe there isn’t, or maybe Kevin’s motivation was shot because of the possibility of the tape coming out for free.

Later I find a disturbing discussion about the possible britney sex tape at this gossip page, and it sets the tone for many of the online comments that follow several places online.. I was quite suprised at the negative backlash that is ensuing Britney sexuality in the media…

So after all of this hoopla about her sex tape, the possibility of it;s release in the near future seems to be at a stand still.. There are a few fake Britney sex tapes out there… this one little clip that kind of makes you think it could be Britney sucking some cock was posted on PornoTube, and it was downloaded like crazy, but it was not her.. just a hoax.

Then I stumble upon a couple of fake Britney Sex Tapes, and a story about a reorted sex tape that mey have been stolen.. Well I guess they are real Britney Sex Videos, but they are made with a fake Britney Spears look a like.. Dubbed miss Britney Rears. This is an idea I had some time ago, and it seems that Hustler went with it, and I believe that have shot at least 3 Britney Rears porno movies.

This is a good idea for several reasons. First you have the mass popularity of Britney Spears. She is hot, and there is a fantasy for seeing her get it on, a lot of people want to see her fucking, and this is a way to satisfy that fantasy for many people. Secondly, with the Britney Rears porno shot by Hustler you can be sure that the fantasy will be complete with good lighting and nice pussy pounded closeups.. Unlike the Paris Hilton sex tape that had bad lighting and few if any close ups of her million dollar pussy. Third, the Britney Rears sex tape may make it easier for Britney to release a fuck flick, especially if she can see how bad so many of her adult fans really want to see her.

I still think there is a Britney Spears sex tape that her and kev have hidden. She probably has the master and he probably has a few seceret copies. Hopefully it was well shot, and maybe one day we can all see her getting it on in a film that may have been shot before the baby.. wait and see.. but I have a sneaky suspicion we may see a Britney and Paris fuck flick before the one with her and kev ever hits the net.. we’ll see.

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Britney says she went too far?

Today there was an AP story on Newsvine that says Britney has stated that she went too far.

Clip of story found on Newsvine:

After igniting a media firestorm by flashing her apparent lack of underwear to the paparazzi, Britney Spears is finally talking.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been out on the town with friends,” the singer writes in a posting Thursday on her Web site.

“It’s also been 2 years since I’ve even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a little too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria’s Secrets’ new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.”

So I went to the web site that they put at the end of the article, itwas just a few lines of text. Is that what Britney really said? I am thinking that that site is run by someone at the record label that she belongs to. I am pretty sure they have something in thier contract that gives them the rights to post in her name, since Britney Spears is a character that they helped finance, and mentioning at a time like this that she has new music coming soon is just an ad to me.

I mean, if I was going through a divorce and custody battle with my ex, I certainly would not be saying “Oh there is a new me, and my work is going to be renewed too!”. Please. Britney has not gone too far. There are plenty of people in the world who think that the only way they can get 40 seconds of fame is if they publicly dis someone who has more than thier fair share of 15 minutes of fame. It is so easy to critique what someone else is doing, but let’s be real.

Any woman or man for that matter has the right to go out and party, especially if you have been stuck in a not-so-perfect releationship for a while, and have had to maintain a certain public monogomy image for who knows how long now. Now that divorce papers have been served, is it a crime to go out and party for a few nights? If I had Britney’s money I would go take 3 months off. She spends a few nights kicking it back into the single life a litte and everyone is jumping down her throat about being a prim and proper, perfect role model. The record companies are scared she may not make new music as fast as they want her too, and some people are freaking out about a missed tv appearance. Britney is human, give the girl a break.

Sara Evans took some time from TV when her divorce stuff was coming out.. It is only normal to take a little professional break when your personal life is breaking down.  More on this later…

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News of the Pussy shots online – excitement

Well, I remember when I first saw the news in my rss feed reader on my netvibes start page. My first though was awesome! Then I was like, well this could be some kind of fake headline where you end up seeing an article that shows some pussycat that Britney is adopting, and they are faking it.. but what the heck.. I clicked to the story which brought me eventually to some hot pics at Fleshbot.. Very nice.. So nice to see her uber popular snatch finally – the Britney Spears pussy, a few decent shots. Nice!

The britney spears pussy pics.

Britney Spears pussy pic

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Why the Britney Pussy Pics Blog

Well, I decided that an adult blog place would be the perfect place for me to get out my opinions about the now infamous britney spears pussy pictures that have been all the talk lately. I wanted it to be a blog where I could be honest, and not worry about kids perusing the blog space. So I think this is the perfect place to state my apparently unpopular opinion about such a heated subject.

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