Britney says she went too far?

Today there was an AP story on Newsvine that says Britney has stated that she went too far.

Clip of story found on Newsvine:

After igniting a media firestorm by flashing her apparent lack of underwear to the paparazzi, Britney Spears is finally talking.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been out on the town with friends,” the singer writes in a posting Thursday on her Web site.

“It’s also been 2 years since I’ve even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a little too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria’s Secrets’ new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.”

So I went to the web site that they put at the end of the article, itwas just a few lines of text. Is that what Britney really said? I am thinking that that site is run by someone at the record label that she belongs to. I am pretty sure they have something in thier contract that gives them the rights to post in her name, since Britney Spears is a character that they helped finance, and mentioning at a time like this that she has new music coming soon is just an ad to me.

I mean, if I was going through a divorce and custody battle with my ex, I certainly would not be saying “Oh there is a new me, and my work is going to be renewed too!”. Please. Britney has not gone too far. There are plenty of people in the world who think that the only way they can get 40 seconds of fame is if they publicly dis someone who has more than thier fair share of 15 minutes of fame. It is so easy to critique what someone else is doing, but let’s be real.

Any woman or man for that matter has the right to go out and party, especially if you have been stuck in a not-so-perfect releationship for a while, and have had to maintain a certain public monogomy image for who knows how long now. Now that divorce papers have been served, is it a crime to go out and party for a few nights? If I had Britney’s money I would go take 3 months off. She spends a few nights kicking it back into the single life a litte and everyone is jumping down her throat about being a prim and proper, perfect role model. The record companies are scared she may not make new music as fast as they want her too, and some people are freaking out about a missed tv appearance. Britney is human, give the girl a break.

Sara Evans took some time from TV when her divorce stuff was coming out.. It is only normal to take a little professional break when your personal life is breaking down.  More on this later…

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