Britney Sex Tape in the news

Well there has certainly been no lack of coverage about the Britney Spears sex tape! I think the best new page coving info about the unkown sex tape I have found is a CBS news page.

But there have been other news stories and rumors about a Britney Spears sex tape apparently all the way back in October 2005.. It seems that even the rumor of a sex tape Britney is big news, and a way for many news outlets and entertainment shows to ganrer some extra viewers. CNN had a big story on the official Kev denial of the sex tape on Nov 22.

Perez Hilton posted about the story of Britney losing her case for defamation about therumor of a sex tape. Perez later had a huge discussion with reader’s comments about the Britney pssuy pics that ended up plastered all over the net after a few nights in Vegas with Paris Hilton.

There are even stories in the news talking about offers for the sex tape that appear to be in the $100 million range. Wow.. I would hold off on making hte next album which may or may not sell well, and take the garunteed 100 million, buy my own record company, a few radio stations and then release more music.. That’s just my thinking though!

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