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Britney spears pussy – the Oct 11 2007 pics, finally a good one!

I hadn’t even heard rumors of this pussy shot taken with Britney on Oct 11. Could it be that people are just tired of talking about Britney’s pussy. Low and behold these pussy shots taken on October 11th may be the best photos of Britney’s bare crotch yet. Maybe it’s because they were shot in the day time, I’ve always known that good lighting is needed for good pussy pictures, which is why I am hoping that Britney will one day be photographed by Playboy photographers.

It’s nice to see the separation of her lips in a good light finally! Maybe she has gotten enough practice to know how she needs to exit a vehicle to show off that pretty pussy finally. It’s funny that she has gotten more pole dance practice than paparazzi pussy flash practice. Shouldn’t this be required for celebrities at this point?

Today’s celebrity pussy flash is kind of like the showing of legs back in the day it seems. It’s expected and enjoyed, and not really a big deal, certainly no surprise, and easily blamed on the over zealous paparazzi, but I know that it is the consuming public that is really the culprit in demanding more sexual glimpses into celebrity lives. It seems to me that if you don’t show more and more than you just can’t be that popular. Funny and sad at the same time really. Perhaps America will get it’s fill of pussy, tits and ass, and if everyone just shows it all, then people will start to look for more in a celebrity to set them apart, like brains, values and accomplishments. Time will tell.

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Britney pussy pics after the VMA 2007 – new bare crotch shot

I’m a little late posting about this, certainly most people have heard that photographers caught Britney with her panties missing once again, after this years VMA awards. The funny thing to me about this is that more news and talk was circulating about her sub par performance, and more people seemed to be concerned about her choice of clothing during the show as opposed to being surprised about her missing panties after the show.

Of course it was bigger news to me that we get another glimpse of Britney Spears pussy, and hopefully a better picture than the first real pussy shots of Britney to circulate around the internet.  I’m sure Britney was also disappointed that her first pussy pics were not better shots, so this seemed like a good opportunity to give a better angle to photographers. Unfortunately her legs were not spread enough to get a good look, you can see the two pictures of her panty-less crotch after the 2007 video music awards at this website. We can all hope that we’ll get some better nude photos of Britney in the future.

Of course there is still much hope, anticipations and rumors of a Britney Spears sex tape or two (maybe more) being in existence. We’re hoping a release will be forthcoming! We also hope that Hustler or Playboy will get to photograph Britney nude and actually get the lighting and camera angles right to show Britney’s pussy in a light that actually looks really good and sexy, the in and out of car shots just don’t do her justice.

If the video producer for her last single were able to make her look like a sexy stripper, certainly the professionals at Playboy can get some shots that are centerfold worthy with the right lighting and makeup.

In light of the VMA award show getting bad reviews, with many people saying that Britney tried to dress too skimpy for her now MILF body shape, that made her look bad instead of good, it’s time to come out with something that adds to her sexiness, and a playboy style photo shoot or hardcore sex tape just may do that. It’s not like there is much a difference in my mind from her latest video showing her being uber sexual with strippers and a nude pictorial hitting the shelves.

For the most part the prudes and the parents that are paying attention to what kids are watching on MTV and VH1 aren’t really supporting Britney and her video producers choices, so what difference would it really make? It may bring some of the adult fans back to her.

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