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Britney Sex Tape in the news

Well there has certainly been no lack of coverage about the Britney Spears sex tape! I think the best new page coving info about the unkown sex tape I have found is a CBS news page.

But there have been other news stories and rumors about a Britney Spears sex tape apparently all the way back in October 2005.. It seems that even the rumor of a sex tape Britney is big news, and a way for many news outlets and entertainment shows to ganrer some extra viewers. CNN had a big story on the official Kev denial of the sex tape on Nov 22.

Perez Hilton posted about the story of Britney losing her case for defamation about therumor of a sex tape. Perez later had a huge discussion with reader’s comments about the Britney pssuy pics that ended up plastered all over the net after a few nights in Vegas with Paris Hilton.

There are even stories in the news talking about offers for the sex tape that appear to be in the $100 million range. Wow.. I would hold off on making hte next album which may or may not sell well, and take the garunteed 100 million, buy my own record company, a few radio stations and then release more music.. That’s just my thinking though!

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The Britney Spears Sex Tape

So I then find a few article infering that there is a Britney Spears sex tape about to be released! Well, if this is true, and it is a good video with some zooms and close ups.. then this will definitely be the mecca of Britney Spears pussy shots.. a hot steamy sex video with Britney and what’s his name.. who cares.. just let us see Britney getting it on, and give us some close up pussy shots show millions can imagine what it would be like to be there.. or in there for that matter!

I find a digg article that info that suggests that Britney may just give away her sex tape.. now this makes sense.. If she gives it away then Kevin can’t sell it and earn 30 million off of her pussy and ass.. The tape will certainly be popular – perhaps make her the most downloaded sex video on the internet for a long time.. and it should easily get her sexy back, the sexual image that had made her so popular.. a very good idea… then a few days later Kevin’s lawyer announces there is no sex tape. Maybe there isn’t, or maybe Kevin’s motivation was shot because of the possibility of the tape coming out for free.

Later I find a disturbing discussion about the possible britney sex tape at this gossip page, and it sets the tone for many of the online comments that follow several places online.. I was quite suprised at the negative backlash that is ensuing Britney sexuality in the media…

So after all of this hoopla about her sex tape, the possibility of it;s release in the near future seems to be at a stand still.. There are a few fake Britney sex tapes out there… this one little clip that kind of makes you think it could be Britney sucking some cock was posted on PornoTube, and it was downloaded like crazy, but it was not her.. just a hoax.

Then I stumble upon a couple of fake Britney Sex Tapes, and a story about a reorted sex tape that mey have been stolen.. Well I guess they are real Britney Sex Videos, but they are made with a fake Britney Spears look a like.. Dubbed miss Britney Rears. This is an idea I had some time ago, and it seems that Hustler went with it, and I believe that have shot at least 3 Britney Rears porno movies.

This is a good idea for several reasons. First you have the mass popularity of Britney Spears. She is hot, and there is a fantasy for seeing her get it on, a lot of people want to see her fucking, and this is a way to satisfy that fantasy for many people. Secondly, with the Britney Rears porno shot by Hustler you can be sure that the fantasy will be complete with good lighting and nice pussy pounded closeups.. Unlike the Paris Hilton sex tape that had bad lighting and few if any close ups of her million dollar pussy. Third, the Britney Rears sex tape may make it easier for Britney to release a fuck flick, especially if she can see how bad so many of her adult fans really want to see her.

I still think there is a Britney Spears sex tape that her and kev have hidden. She probably has the master and he probably has a few seceret copies. Hopefully it was well shot, and maybe one day we can all see her getting it on in a film that may have been shot before the baby.. wait and see.. but I have a sneaky suspicion we may see a Britney and Paris fuck flick before the one with her and kev ever hits the net.. we’ll see.

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